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Don't buy into this at Bunnings.

Tasmanian tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) are ancient survivors from a time when dinosaurs walked the earth. Part of a unique Gondwanic rainforest ecosystem, they are cut and taken from Tasmanian forests as part of the destructive logging that is increasing across the state.


Taking and selling Gondwanic tree ferns from native forest logging is buying into Tasmanian forest destruction. The Tasmanian native forest logging industry has failed on every attempt to gain FSC Certification for its logging practices which includes the logging of tree ferns for garden centres.

Tasmania's Gondwanic forests and tree ferns are part of the lush wet rainforest ecosystems threatened by  increased logging across the state. Logging damages the forest ecosystems, watersheds, carbon stores and biodiversity arks that tree ferns are an essential part of.

Our Gondwanic remnant species belong in the forests they have evolved in over millenia. Taking these ancient tree ferns as part of logging operations, and selling them on to unsuspecting gardeners is environmentally destructive. Don't buy into this at Bunnings, or any other garden centre.

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